Our Lab has ample funding, innovative projects, and close collaborations with academia, industry, and national laboratories. We highly value the personal and professional growth of lab members and aim to create the most productive and rewarding working environment possible.

Postdocs Opening

Check out Postdoctoral Opening for available positions.

PhD Applicants

I am always looking for talented PhD students who are excited about machine learning. I recruit from UCSD CSE PhD program, Data Science PhD program and Bioinformatics graduate program. Unfortunately, I will not be able to respond to most inquiries regarding PhD openings or comment on your applications to my group. I would also appreciate it if you do not send these type of emails repetitively. If you explicitly indicate your interests in working with me on your application questions, I will make sure to review them carefully.

Current UCSD Students

If you are a current UCSD student and want to engage in machine learning research, welcome!

  • Enroll in one of my advanced machine learning courses and do well.
  • Read some of my projects and papers for potential project match.
  • Financial support is available but will be decided based on evidence of commitment and progress.
  • Fill the research application form when you are ready.

Visiting Students

I occasionally host visitors/interns who have strong motivation and interests in machine learning research.

  • Use "UCSD visiting student [Your name] - Rose" as your email subject (to help me filter out spams).
  • Specify the goal of your visit, start and end date, and highlight your relevant experience.
  • Visitors would be responsible for their own funding and related visa processing fees.
  • I do check emails frequently but I am unable to respond to every single request.

Useful Resources